Last week I mentioned that we’ve taken a pretty big attendance hit in October. Our plan was to call regular kids who’ve been missing. In Fellowship One, report M1035E is pretty dang amazing.

M1035E allows you to select a date range to determine a desired attendance pattern. For my case, I wanted to isolate all the kids who have attended 3 or more times only during September and August. The great thing about this report is that you can select multiple activities. In my case, our services are set on 4 different activities, so this report was accurate even if the kids attended different services.

Then M1035E allows you to select the number of days from the end of the original range (in my case it was since September 27th) that the child hasn’t attended at all. So my MIA list was to find kids who have attended 3 or more times in August and September who have not attended in October. This was my hit list. When I first ran M1035E it only gave me parents names, home phone numbers, a household email and the last date they attended. I submitted a request to modify the report and it now displays the emails and cell phones of both parents as well as the activity and RLC the child attended on their last visit.

So, I’ve run the report and we’re distributing the data to small group leaders and room leaders of the activity/RLCs listed in this report. In the next few days our volunteers should have connected with all these kids just to check up on them and let them know they have been missed.

So, if you’re looking for a great MIA report, look no further. If you know of another, leave a comment!