Children’s Ministry is just like real estate. Not really, but kind of.

For a very short season in my life, I worked as a real estate agent. When I say short, I mean, SHORT. Honestly, I wasn’t meant to be a realtor. However, I learned something very interesting about real estate that has helped me in kidmin.

In real estate school, they say that you have 250 friends and family who are your future sales. Each and every one of your 250 friends and family have 250 friends and family. The most successful real estate agents pick up the phone and start calling. The best realtors are those who excel at networking. It didn’t take me long to learn that the life blood of real estate success was a realtors ability to network.

What does this have to do with reaching and teaching Children? Absolutely nothing and everything. No, I’m not trying to build a children’s ministry client list. I’m not even trying to sell anyone anything. I can spend all of my time focused exclusively on serving the kids and families in my church. However, I’ve learned that I become a better Children’s Pastor when I meet others who do what I do. When I have lunch or coffee with another Children’s Pastor, I’m stretched, I’m challenged and I’m encouraged. The more Children’s Pastors I connect to, the more it impacts my personal ministry. Just as the best realtors have great networks of potential clients, I’ve seen that some of the best ministry leaders are those with the best networks of fellow practitioners.

The benefits of networking in ministry are many, but let me share four reasons why I network:

  1. Fresh/Better Ideas: Talk through upcoming events, problems, concerns, special dates, or just listen to what others are doing to reach the lost. This will keep us constantly thinking of better ways to reach kids for Jesus.
  1. Different Perspectives: We are all guilty of holding fast to our habits and perspective because it’s comfortable. Networking with others gives us a new perspective into how things can work more efficiently and when we need to let go of our comforts and branch out into something “scary”.
  1. Lasting Friendships: Some of my greatest friends are ones that work at other churches in Kidmin. They are the first to pray for me, encourage me, and support me during my time of struggle or a busy season.
  1. Shared Wins: This is my favorite. Wins for Jesus are even more exciting when others can share and celebrate with you. Knowing how God is moving in your community allows you to pray for common goals and get excited about the wins of others.

Ultimately, connecting with other leaders will make you a better leader with a more complete perspective. If you are not currently connected with at least one kidmin leader in your area, I strongly encourage you to put your insecurities aside and reach out. Iron sharpens iron and makes us better equipped to reach more children with the gospel of Jesus.