Today I have another good friend who has agreed to guest blog on Children’s Ministry Online. Matt McKee is a Pastor of Students and Children in Cincinnati, OH. He’s been blogging a little longer than me and I really appreciate his eye for design. Whenever I’m having trouble with a graphic or design layout, I give Matt a call. He knows his stuff. He’s also one of those guys who’s pushing technology to the limit and constantly looking for the next “new thing.” I think he was on twitter a good year before I signed up for my account.

Here is his bio from his website:

“just another guy trying to make a difference. a husband, a dad, a pastor who enjoys ministry, marketing, and technology. oh yeah, and sports”

Matt wrote a great post for us hear at Chidlren’s Ministry Online. It’s a great look at connectivity and how people seem to stick (or not). Hopefully it will inspire you as it did me.