Today I have another special guest blogger on Children’s Ministry Online. Sam Luce is a Children’s Pastor in New York and a good friend of mine. He and I started blogging within a few weeks of each other and in the early days I think he and I kept each other going by being the only ones commenting on each other’s blog posts. Although we haven’t met in person, we’ve developed a great friendship where we encourage each other, challenge each other in ministry and sometimes just shoot the breeze.

Here is his bio from his website:

I have been the children’s pastor at Mt. Zion Ministries Church in Utica NY for the pas 11 years. I am very passionate about helping others reach kids for Christ. I truly believe that family ministry is the most important ministry in the church. I also enjoy anything media related my web site for my wedding video business is When I am not working with kids I enjoy spending time with my family, reading and long walks on the beach.

He wrote a great and sobering post of the power of the Cross, a great reminder for us this Easter and something to think about as we engage in meaningful conversations with other’s this week.