I had the distinct pleasure of guest posting on Chris Spradlin’s (Sprad’s) blog, epicparent.tv. Click here to read my post. I linked over to Sprad’s blog several weeks ago when writing about talking to your kids about sex. In addition to information I learned from a service at my church (Gateway), it was Sprad’s series on sex talks that inspired my series. He’s putting some good stuff out there. One of my favorites is his post on creative discipline. It’s an honor to be included on his “guest post Friday,” joining ministry greats like Scott Williams, Craig Groeschel and Gina McClain.

So, I wrote a short post (well, as short as I could muster up) about parents partnering with their Children’s Ministry. Be sure to check it out and leave lots a comments! 🙂 I highly recommend subscribing to Sprad’s blog. You can do so by clicking here.