On Saturday, my good friend Matt McKee helped me with a Q & A session with Jim Wideman during the first general session. We took questions via text messaging that came through my Google Voice account which is a part of my Goolge/Gmail account. Because my computer was being used elsewhere, I logged into my Google Voice account on Matt McKee’s computer.

He informed me yesterday via a public tweet that his computer was still logged into my gmail account. Perfect. I only have the last 7 years of personal email storred in that account. Good thing I trust Matt… otherwise he might know all my secrets.

It took me a few hours to recognize though that he did indeed leave record of his presence. First of all, he changed my theme profile to a cute pink and blue profile fitting for a 13 year old girl. Nice. Secondly, he changed my profile picture to his picture. I didn’t notice that right away either. Actually, my wife called me this morning and she seemed to have gotten distracted when I answered and the first question out of her mouth was “Why am I seeing a picture of Matt on my phone when I’m calling you?”

Good one Matt. I owe you.

Fortunately, I work hard not to click on unfamiliar attachments or facebook/twitter spam that might compromise my accounts. However, I need a better level of defense in protecting me from getting hacked by my friends (Last May they hacked my facebook at the Orange conference immediately after I told them about how to do it). With friends like these, who needs enemies?