I’m a few days late with this post. 2015 ended in flurry of activity which explains why there haven’t been many posts lately. The last six weeks of 2015 included a three day trip to Haiti to train local pastors in parenting, a birthday party for my daughter, several hard conversations with co-workers, Thanksgiving, teaching on the main stage, a total bedroom makeover, final planning for our big Winter Camp in January and finally, the arrival of Helen Abigail, our third child. Whew! What a great end to a fantastic year.

2015 was pretty amazing. It was a busy year, like most years, but I think I like what happened on the inside more than what happened on the outside. Here’s what I mean:

  • Sara and I spent several months in counseling which has been such a gift. We sorted out some unhealthy thoughts and practices and got on the same page things that just creep into married life. This counseling helped us get a clearer picture of what’s next for both of us, how we can support each other and honestly, it helped us prepare for child number three in such an amazing way.
  • Sara and I both spent several months working with a professional life coach. I feel like my life has gotten cluttered with great opportunities and even more great ideas and I’ve gotten a little stuck. My coach has been helping me reconnect with who I am so that I can focus on what opportunities and ideas need to thrive and which ones need to go.
  • For a few years, I’ve been wrestling with several frustrations. I’ve been vocal about my problems to those who were involved, but this year I sat down to clearly define what has made me unhappy and wrote out a plan to hopefully fix what feels broken. I’m currently engaged in conversations to resolve these issues and I’m really hopeful. Being frustrated isn’t any fun.

I’m very excited about 2016 because of the internal work I’ve done in 2015 (and continue to do). I’m expecting 2016 to be a year of clarity – intentional decision and moves forward. Things still feel a little foggy right now, but I’m expecting some really great things for this year. If you’re a regular reader of this blog (as irregular as the posts have been), you’ll see some really good changes coming really soon.

How about you? How was your 2015 and what are you hopeful for in the new year?