It came and went and no body knew it. February 3rd was the 2nd birthday of #kidmin. We should be ashamed!

Happy Belated Birthday Kidmin!

People always seem to give me the credit for coming up with the hashtag. I was a part of it, but it was a team effort. In case you don’t remember (or weren’t even on twitter yet, here’s where it all started.

After the superbowl in 2009, John Mullis (@johnincolorado) tweeted me asking me if there was a hash tag for children’s ministry. There were a lot of us children’s ministry leaders on twitter that night goofing off on twitter in conjunction with the superbowl. I was intrigued, so the next morning I wrote this post on the blog.

You’ll see that I still didn’t really understand the point of the hashtag, but I was pushing for our own space on twitter. I recommended #kidsmin or #CM. You’ll see in the comments that there was a big push to use #CM, but also that John Mullis shortened my kidsmin suggestion to just Kidmin. Although I had a few comments on my blog, these guys as well as others like my pals Jonathan Cliff, Matt McKee, Sam Luce, Gina McClain and others had already started using #kidmin that day. If you could go back and see the tweets, you’d see tweets using both #CM, #kidsmin and #kidmin.

Then, later that day, I wrote this post. Everyone had just started attaching #kidmin to their posts. It was official. #Kidmin was born. February 3, 2009. Mark your calendar, we’re going to throw a party next year.