Being a father has made me truly appreciate Mother’s Day in a way I couldn’t ever understand before. Let’s be honest guys, the mothers out there deserve far more than a day. Sure, we’ve got Father’s Day and I guess you can say that we’ve earned it – but let’s not get into the comparison game because we’ll lose every time. Mother’s Day should be an entire weekend event, maybe even a whole week.

Mom’s rock!

However, I want to to honor the mom who usually doesn’t get recognized. The mom with no babies to hold. Yesterday, Kristen Ivy wrote a beautiful post on the Parent Cue blog titled “Mothers with no babies to hold.” Perfect written Kristen.

Kristen wrote about how she want’s Mother’s Day, but she also wants it for this particular moms:

But I also want Mother’s Day for a lot of other mothers.
I want Mother’s Day for all the mothers who never held their living babies.
I want Mother’s Day for all the mothers who are still hoping for a child.
I want Mother’s Day for all the mothers who said goodbye to a child much too soon.
And I want Mother’s Day for those who no longer have a mother to send a card to.

Read the full post here.

To those mothers, my thoughts and prayers are with you today.