Okay, this is a little awkward. Recently I’ve posted some ad space on this blog and I’ve gained a few advertisers. I just thought I’d throw it out there. If someone wants to buy and ad space, I’d be more than glad to sell it to you. This blog is a passion of mine and I’ve put thousands of hours into it. However, I’m not the type that thinks if you sell ads you’ve somehow “sold out.” Actually, the more money I gain in ad space, the more my wife will tolerate all the time I spend writing. Okay, I made that last part up, my wife is very supportive. 🙂

I’ve actually told my wife that every dollar that comes in from the ad revenue will go to our “replace one of our crappy cars” fund. At this rate, we’ll have a less crappy car in 17 years. I kid… more like 15 years.

Most ads will probably tie in to what I write about and what I believe in. Some may not, but that’s okay. It’s not pushy or in your face, just right there on the side. I’ll probably write a post every now and then thanking my advertisers and highlighting them for you. Feel free to ignore them if you want. However, I do encourage you to click on the ads and check them out. It may be a product or resource you didn’t know about that will be of great value to you. Then again, maybe it wont. If that’s the case, do it for me. I’m not sure my crappy cars can hold out for 15 more years.