Just a quick question for you. Have you ever used pre-printed color labels for computer check-in?

I’m not talking about solid color labels you can get instead of white, but maybe a white label with our ministry label already printed on it in full color? I don’t think I’d be able to use it in our Children’s Ministry since we print both name tags as well as security tags. However, our guest services team is thinking about using Fellowship One to print name tags for their volunteers and they’s really prefer not to use a generic solid color tag, especially white. Has anyone else done this with the thermal labels?

One way I’m thinking about doing this is kind of a hack. If you turn on your printers after you launch check in with Fellowship One, the ministry logo wont print on the labels. Usually this is an accident. However, if I do this on purpose, we could design a label with some color on it, specifically with the ministry logo on it.

Any thoughts?