It feels very stupid to be welcoming in the new year on January 14th. If someone wished me a Happy New Year today, I’d think they’ve got problems. However, this is my first post of 2009. No, I wasn’t taking a break. I was sick. Not so sick that I couldn’t relaly do anything, but sick enough to only do the most important things before quitting for the day.

Here’s the rundown (in case you don’t follow me on Twitter).

The week of Christmas my son got very sick. Actually he’d been sick off and on for several weeks. However, now he was really sick. He hadn’t eaten for several days and was throwing up over and over again. There were many times I thought we’d be going to the hospital, but we managed to keep enough liquids in him to keep him home. We were planning to drive from Austin, TX to Atlanta, GA after our last Christmas Eve service. Since Titus was sick and my wife was busy working (she’d been hired by the church to do a 6-7 week temporary job) and keeping Titus, I started tending to all the house cleaning and laundry. Needless to say, we didn’t get to leave on Christmas Eve. However, Titus had an amazing turn-around on Christmas morning and we ended up flying to Atlanta on Christmas day. It was a whirlwind, but totally worth it.

Then we spent the next 4 days in complete relaxation and luxury in a beautiful cabin nestled in the North Georgia mountains. Perfect. Then on the day we were to come home, I started getting sick. It was a double whammy of allergies and a cold. So for the next several days back in Austin, I laid on my couch doing nothing but wishing I felt better. I went back to work the next week, but pushed myself a little too hard a few of those days and just couldn’t shake the cold. Then last Friday my throat started to hurt. A few days later I discovered that it was Strep.

Now it is two weeks later and I’m on new allergy medication and antibiotics. Today’s actually the first day I felt really good. So, here’s to feeling better! Unfortunately my wife complained that her throat was hurting. Dang!

Well, I plan to jump right back into all the blogging right away. I’ve got many, many, many posts in my head just waiting to get out. See you on the web!