So I’m in the middle of a blog series on Kidmin careers and unfortunately I have to take a quick break this week. So much is going on. However, I could really use your help. So, whether your a Kids Pastor, Senior Pastor, volunteer or a family member of mine who is reading this post, I would appreciate your help.

I’m in the middle of message planning craziness. In a few weeks, I’m speaking at our kids camp and I’m currently planning 9 separate messages (10-15 minute talks in the morning and 20-25 minute talks in the evening). In addition, I’m speaking this Sunday to our 4th and 5th graders which I’m working on that talk right now. Last of all, my Pastor is leading a four week training where he’s teaching about 10-12 staff/leaders how to plan and prepare a message the way he does it. As a part of the training, we’re planning a message that we can and will deliver. Yes, I’m just a little overwhelmed right now.

So, I’m speaking this Sunday on patience as they’ve been focused on the virtue of patience all month; however, I’m speaking of patience from a fairly different perspective. Since I’m having to prepare a message from scratch for the kids this Sunday, I decided to make patience the message I’m working on for the training. So, I’ll do a lot of the work for this message I’m required in the training. Although I’ll give a talk on patience aimed at 4th and 5th graders this Sunday, I’ll prepare the same talk geared for adults as well.

So, I’m at the end of my content/information gathering stage and I want a little input.

One of the things I’m learning is that in every message, we should address resistance. Whatever we are talking about, someone has resistance to the message. They’re have a resistance to hear or believe what’s being said based on logic, past experience or cultural influence. They have a wall up and unless I specifically address that resistance, they’re not open. Here are some of the questions:

  • Why don’t we trust? Why don’t we do this?
  • What are people’s questions, doubts or fears?
  • What gets in the way of living this way?
  • Why should I? Why is God’s way better?

So, if you knew you were getting ready to sit down and hear a talk on patience, what is your initial resistance? What is the resistance of the typical seasoned Christ follower? What is the resistance of those still exploring faith? What other resistance might I encounter in a talk like this?