Hey, I need a name for a two day event. I could use some of your ideas.

We’re doing a leadership event at our church called Advance. It’s a two day retreat over a Friday and Saturday. In the past we’ve offered childcare, but it’s been kinda lame. This year we’re making it an event geared to events. The strategy is that if the kids want to go, the paretns will be more likely to want to attend. We’ll do movies, pizza, crafts, games, water events, inflatable slides and such.

What can I call it that the name alone is energetic and fun sounding… but doesn’t sound dorky or too little kiddy. This will be geared to 4 year old through 5th graders. We’ll have a “Jr.” version for 3 and 4 year olds and we provide childcare for babies.

So, what do you think?