David Wakerly recently posted this video on his blog:

I haven’t yet tried BIG, but I know several others who have. Check out Sam’s review of the first quarter of BIG.

Based on the promo, here is what I really liked.

  • Music resources. Is it just me or do you sometimes just watch Hillsong Kids videos with all the kids jamming out and you think to yourself… it would be pretty cool if I could recreate that kind of energy in my kid’s program. All that aside, few people do kids worship music like Hillsong Kids… this part of the resource looks amazing.
  • Curriculum files. Looks like they’ve made them word doc files. When will all the curriculum people get on the same page and do this?
  • Video production. I’ve only seen what you can see in the promo here, but it looks fantastic. This is where Kid’s Church video curriculum excels or falls flat. If you’re video isn’t going to engage my 5th grade boy, I’m just not going to get all that excited. What I’ve heard from others is that the production quality is right on. What I’ve seen in this video looks fantastic. Plus, Funny Man Dan’s got what it takes to crack a smile out of my 5th grade boys.
  • Small group training. This is golden. All too often, I feel we’re training and re-training what a small group needs to look like. Sometimes you can just tell your leaders what it should look like, but it helps to show them. These videos look like a great resource for our small group leaders.

If you’ve used BIG before, feel free to comment and tell what your experience was like.