Technically, it starts on Friday, but I travel to Chicago tomorrow. This is my second year to be involved in Group’s Kidmin Conference and this is Group’s second year to host the event.

Kidmin has a special place in my heart for two reasons.

  1. Group was kind enough to invite me to dream with them about a new kidmin specific conference. Over two years ago, a dozen of us gathered in CO to talk about what the Kidmin Conference would be like. It was just really cool to be invited into that process… I still feel honored.
  2. The Kidmin Conference defied my expectations last year. I honestly didn’t know fully what to expect. Kidmin is different with a very different approach to conferences. It’s more than just breakouts and keynotes. There his a HUGE relational component. Going into last year, I just didn’t know what to expect. I was afraid it might feel forced or less than authentic… and I was so wrong. It was beautiful.

So, I’m glad to going back and I’m looking forward to connecting with so many of my friends in the Kidmin community. Let me know if you’re coming, I’ll be excited to meet you!

This year I’m leading two breakouts that I’m very excited about!

Navigating Change: LEADERSHIP

People don’t like change and most will resist it with tenacity, but it doesn’t always have to be coerced or strong-armed. Navigating change certainly involves spirit-led wisdom, patience, and a little spunk. However, there are key principles that’ll make change easier in your organization, regardless of yourposition.

Leveraging Technology: MINISTRY TOOLS

How do you leverage the message of the gospel and the power of community to transform your outreach and discipleship? Utilize some of the tools people take with them everywhere they go to effectively empower people to use smart phones, tablets, and cloud-based technology to spread the gospel.

So, I hope to see you in Chicago!!!