Only a few months ago I wrote posts about both Microsoft Tags as well as QR Codes. Today I flew from Austin, TX to Atlanta, GA and have seen no less than a dozen QR Codes and one Microsoft Tag. They’re everywhere. Even on Saturday, I posted a video where in the video there is a guy holding a giant QR Code and if you scan it, you’ll get a bonus video.

They’re at restaurants, in magazines, on billboards and everywhere else. Right now I feel like these things are like twitter in the early days. They’re really cool, but I’m not sure if they’re going to stick around or if they’ll die out.

Regardless of their longevity, how are you using them right now? Are you using them? Why not?

As communicators, we have a message that needs to be heard. If people are intrigued by anything with a code on it, why wouldn’t you put the important things you need people to know on a code? I challenge you think about ways you can incorporate it into your communication this summer.

  • Take home sheets
  • Announcement slide
  • Program announcements
  • Postcard to new families

You know they are free to set up, right?