Yesterday I posted about the series we’re doing at Gateway called, “Who do you Know?” It’s a great series that tackles big questions the most Christ Followers ask and pretty much every seeker is asking. Last Sunday, we started the series off with, “How do you know the Bible isn’t just propaganda?” It was probably the best message I’ve ever experienced that set up a case for the truth and dependability of the Bible. You should watch it below.

If you want the full effect, be sure to watch the clip at the bottom of the page from Penn and Teller describing why the Bible is Bull____! We actually showed an edited 4-6 minute clip before John came up to speak, but it was a very interesting way to start, kind of like we were digging a hole for unbelief that we had to climb out of before presenting an honest and educated view. It was amazing.

(Beware, the video at the bottom contains language)