Now my office did just get a total new makeover this summer (thanks to the flooding that came with the spring rain), so I decided to go with the “living room” look as opposed to the “office” look. It’s a small office and when meeting with kids, staff or family, the couch and chairs are much more effective.

Back to the point….

This last Saturday was an interesting night. Two of my 6 volunteers that I was expecting did not show up. We’re already running short (we’ve only been doing Saturday nights for 3 weeks and still developing our permanent volunteer team). I’ve really be struggling to discover what I can do on Saturday nights since it is a smaller and different crowd than what we have on Sundays. At the very last minute, I decided that we would take a field trip. My office is about 50 yards away from the new elementary rooms, so I decided to let all the kids come to my office for a piece of candy… all at once.

Now, my office is not very big at all. I decided that it would be interesting to see if I could fit all the kids in at once. Yeah, I got 39 kids in there. I think I could have gotten one more, but that’s all I had at the moment. It was a funny moment and the kids were talking about it even later in the week, so that’s a good thing. So what crazy thing should I do this week????