Last week a friend from church sent me this link. She sent it to me and another friend who serves as a first grade boys small group leader here at Gateway. She thought of us in regard to point seven, “When kids grow up wanting to be you, you matter.”

These kinds of things touch my heart. I don’t need my ego fed to get me going, but these kinds of things certainly do invigorate me. I’m sold on my mission and I’ve got my cross hairs on what I’ve been called to do. However, hearing these things from others is great confirmation that I’m doing something right.

Take a look at the list for yourself.

  • When you love the work you do and the people you do it with, you matter.
  • When you are so gracious and generous and aware that you think of other people before yourself, you matter.
  • When you leave the world a better place than you found it, you matter.
  • When you continue to raise the bar on what you do and how you do it, you matter.
  • When you teach and forgive and teach more before you rush to judge and demean, you matter.
  • When you touch the people in your life through your actions (and your words), you matter.
  • When kids grow up wanting to be you, you matter.
  • When you see the world as it is, but insist on making it more like it could be, you matter.
  • When you inspire a Nobel prize winner or a slum dweller, you matter.
  • When the room brightens when you walk in, you matter.
  • And when the legacy you leave behind lasts for hours, days or a lifetime, you matter.
After looking at this list, I see plenty of room for improvement. A helpful exercise is to take some time and rate yourself in each of these areas? What’s your plan to improve?
Here’s the deal. As a fellow Christian worker, I need you to matter. As an pastor, director or volunteer in your church; families and kids need you to matter. As a mom or dad, husband or wife; your family needs you to matter. You’re too important to not be significatnt. Matter!