Screen shot 2010-01-19 at 12.46.35 AMOkay, if you’ve been thinking about going to Orange this year, now’s the time to start making up your mind. Actually, this sweet deal might make it for you.

In case you didn’t know, registration prices have already been cut by $40 per person. However, until February 18th, you can save an additional $50 per person up to $200. Once you register (before February 18th) you will get a $50 credit (up to $200 total). Once the conference has ended, you’ll have access to your credit to use for My First Look, 252 Basics, and XP3 curriculum as well as access to Orange Leaders resources. If you’re already paying for these resources, you could save up to $200 by registering before February 18th. If you’re not already using any of these resources, at the very least I’d encourage you to subscribe to Orange Leaders, it’s like a conference on your computer everyday.

So how do you register for Orange and take advantage of this awesome savings?

Click on the big badge on the right that says “register for orange.” Do it!