I’m almost two weeks late to one of the biggest social media inspired viral videos of all time. This instance of social media explosion is very different from many others. It’s a music video from a 14 year old girl whose song is so bad, people are spreading the word on how bad it is. Already she’s been on Leno, several other morning shows and the like. Although it’s probably not the exposure you want, it is exposure. At least for a while, people are going to know who Rebecca Black is. If you aren’t one of the 40 million who have already seen the video, watch below.

Although she’s received an overwhelming amount of negative feedback, there are some diamonds in the rough. She’s actually gotten positive feedback from Entertainment Weekly, Rolling Stone and even Simon Cowell said, “I love her [and] the fact that she’s gotten so much publicity. People are so upset about the song, but I think it’s hysterical…Anyone who can create this much controversy within a week, I want to meet. I love people like that.”

Although it probably isn’t what she intended, she has a platform now. She’s going to have chances and opportunities that others never will. We’ll see what happens.

Most importantly though, the parody videos are SOOOOO funny. Enjoy!