Have you ever looked at a product and said, “That is just really smart?”  You connected with the product and thought to yourself, “How did I ever life without it?”  For instance, I am a big fan of M&M’s.  We have a lot in common.  We have the same initials. We are little, round, and colorful.  We like to think that we are hard on the outside and soft in the middle. I’m telling you I have connected with the M&M.  So much so that when I was dating my wife of almost 10 years now every time I sent her a gift it had a pack of M&M’s with it.  M&M’s and I are tight.  We are homeboys.

Did you know that there is much better chocolate out there in the world?  There is candy that is made that taste much better. There is candy that is even better for me.  There is candy that looks better, feels better, and simply is better than M&M’s.  So why do I keep going back to M&M’s? Why do I keep a jar of them in my office?

Have you ever asked yourself why do kids, parents, and students come to your church?  I know that there are better churches and children’s ministries out there.  I know that there are ministries that are more suited for people. Believe it or not but it is not because you do large group/small group.  It is not because you have moving lights.  It is not because you are even better than the church down the street even though you try to be every week.

I like M&M’s because I identify with them on some weird level.  People come to your church because they identify with someone at your church.  If new people walk into your church/ministry and do not connect and identify with someone else then they will leave.  It has nothing to do with the size of your church or how loud you play the rock and roll music.  It’s about connecting.  It’s about identifying.

My name is Matt McKee and I like M&M’s.