Now that I’ve made it a point to actually blog about Algerian, I’m amazed about how much more often I just happen to run into it. The day after I started this themed post, I went to dinner with my wife and my summer intern. We had a coupon for this local pizza parlor called Rome’s Pizza. It was a nice little place although their brand and image was a little confusing. On the door was was their logo, an image of the coliseum with Rome’s Pizza spelled out in a circular manner in “papyrus” font. (Papyrus is another overused font… big time. Of the overused fonts, I probably like it the most since it has a some character, but the fact that it’s so overused usually keeps me away from it most of the time. However, I guarantee that if someone’s doing any kind of ancient or Egyptian theme, there is a 68% chance they’re going to use Papyrus.)

So when I walk in I notice something different. The staff t-shirts were just “Rome’s Pizza” written out in Algerian. Why not papyrus? 😉