Before the Orange Conference I hung out in Atlanta for a few days with my parents. One day we hiked Stone Mountain. In the gift shop were all kinds of tacky things to buy. One of them happened to be this train whistle.

img_2244I’ve got a couple of problems with this gift store item. First of all, I’m at the Stone Mountain gift shop. Why are they trying to sell me a riverboat whistle? Did I miss something? Where was the riverboat? I just finished climbing a giant slab of granite, the last thing I want is a riverboat whistle.

I know, I know… my kids will. I just think it’s tacky product placement. I’m sure if they could sell stuffed piranhas, they would make a boatload of money too.

On top of this, the chose Algerian to represent the Riverboat Era. Perfect. I hate this whistle even more now. In case you’re wondering, I didn’t buy one.