Picture 5I’m more proud of my church today than ever before. I’m thrilled an honored to work in this faith community, a church that’s being raised up out of the culture. Yesterday we covered a risky topic for churches but a topic that is important to our church and community. The message was about same sex relationship. Rather than hear John speak about it for 40 minutes, which he would do very well, he spoke for about 20 minutes and gave the rest of the service over to three people in our church to tell their story. All three are people who attend Gateway that have recently come out of homosexual relationships. Their stories are stories of grace and life-change. They’re not stories of miraculous conversions where God healed them and took something away, but stories of Christian men and women who have struggled with their sexuality and made decisions to honor God with their bodies. I’m not going to say anymore as I just can’t do this any justice.

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