I don’t really ever get political on this blog, but I guess when political issues intersect with the content/purpose of this blog, then I feel like I have something to say. Actually, I want to do more than just say something, but ask you to do something.

Next week, two bills go before congress that threaten the freedom we have enjoyed over the years on the web, putting the power to sensor in the hands of large corporations and the government. This is not good for our nation!

The Protect IP act goes before congress and the Stop Online Piracy Act goes before the house. I’m not going to go into detail on what both of these bills are about because so many others have explained it much better than I could.

Click here to read about these two bills in detail.

Click here to see an infographic that clearly describes both these bills.

These bills were written to stop piracy mainly distributed by foreign entities, but this bill really isn’t going to be able to stop piracy as there are already too many easy work arounds. But, it gives significant power to government and big media in hollywood to shut people down with little to no restraint. It’s an assault on our freedom and many have declared this bill unconstitutional. However, due to the power of lobbies, these bills have a lot of congressional support.

You can help though. Contact your representatives and let them know that you oppose these bills. This task has been made easy.

Click here to petition your representatives easily… you just provide your info and they’ll get your message to your representatives! This site also contains tools to help get the word out.

Click here to visit Google’s petition if you prefer.

Here’s a great video that will even better explain how all of this works.

I’m all for stoping piracy, but this is NOT the answer!

So, please take a moment to let your representatives know how you would like them to vote!