Why do I love this place so much?
Good food? Yes
Good music? Yes
Beautiful surroundings? Yes

There are a lot of things I love about this town, but today I say so for one reason.

1 out of every 3 people is a computer genius. Okay, maybe that’s a little extreme but just about everyone I meet is in the technology industry.

This morning one of our check-in computers was down. When logging into Fellowship One, it was trying to look for updates but never launched check in. Not a huge deal, but it was one of the frontward facing computers that gets a lot of traffic. A husband of one of our volunteers saw that the computer was down so he asked if he could take a look at it. In about 5 minutes he figured out exactly what was happening, something that Fellowship One would have to fix to create a work around. I asked him, “do you want to talk to tech support?”


Five minutes later the two of them figured out the problem and fixed it. The computer was ready for our 11:00 service. If he hadn’t stepped in, we would have been down a computer all day.

I love me some computer nerds!