Having this blog has been a great tool for connecting with like-minded people from around the world. I’d like to take advantage of this virtual network and ask for your prayers.

Almost a month ago my Grandmother who lives in Georgia fell and banged up her head pretty bad. She had bleeding on the brain which kept her in the hospital for over a week. Recovery has been slow but steady. Unfortunately her injury kept her from coming out to see us (and her great grandchild Titus for the first time).

We’re only a week or so from all of us (or at least Sara and Titus) going to Georgia for the holidays. Unfortunately, she fell again this weekend and both banged her head again and broke her hip. Currently the prognosis is not very good and I’m in a mad dash to get my 5 month old to Georgia. Titus and I leave on a 9:00 flight out of Dallas tonight (arriving at midnight). Please pray for the following things:

  1. That the bleeding on my grandmother’s brain will subside, which is the most important thing.
  2. That the Lord’s presence is felt by my family who is struggling with all of this right now.
  3. That Sara does okay without her husband and little boy (she’s preparing for her whole family who will be arriving in just a few days for Thanksgiving.
  4. That Titus and I have a safe and pleasant (Please Lord let it be pleasant) flight east.

I’ll post updates later when I get a chance.