Hey people. I’m looking into purchasing an ID card printer for the ministry. That way we can have full color photo ID badges attached to lanyards for our volunteer. Just another layer of security, plus I’ve got some creative ideas around it too.

However I’m getting quotes all over the board from $1200 to $3000. Obviously I don’t want to spend three grand if I don’t have to, but I don’t want to buy junk. I want something that does full color 300 dpi on the front and one color on the back. Anyone know what my options are for this kind of equipment. What do I need to be looking at. Here is what I was suggested by a retailer:

Evolis Dualys3 Basic – USB Includes Emedia Software for $1,950.

Zebra P430i-0000A-ID0 Performance Level Double Side Color ID for $2,400. (I found another retailer of this same Zebra printer for $1200)

What do you think? If I get the the Zebra, what kind of software do I need? Help a brother out as I’m lost here!

Evolis Dualys3 Basic – USB Includes Emedia Software