So I’ve written a few posts about iPhone and other mobile apps recently. I’ve talked about what makes a good app and what would make me want to keep your app as opposed to deleting it right after I downloaded it. Rather than read my opinions about what would make your app awesome or lame, let me just share with you a great resource, possibly your app developer.

Check out R04R. Haven’t heard of them yet? Probably not, their official company launch will happen at the Orange Conference. Trust me, after you see what R04R can do for you, you’ll want them to develop both your app and an app for your church. They’ll knock your socks off.

So, how will R04R help you build a quality app that’s worth keeping? I’m glad you asked.

First of all, R04R is not a web development company that’s dabbling in this new “app development market.” R04R is a company dedicated completely to mobile apps.  Their mission is to get as much Christian content onto mobile platforms as possible. R04R will not develop a duplication of your website as an app, R04R will develop a quality application built on a solid platform. Actually, R04R’s platform is the same one that both Ashton Kutcher and and Taylor Swift’s apps are built on. It’s a reliable and quality platform that your users will like and feel comfortable with.

Second of all, R04R will build into your platform a clearinghouse of of your media content. Built into the app is a place to import your tweets as well as other people’s tweets or mentions of you, a place to import your videos, a place to play music, messages or other content directly from the app or a link to import music, videos or messages as podcasts through iTunes.

Thirdly, R04R takes advantage of the many features of your phone. The platform connects into location based services so you can find events, small groups or other local gatherings in relation to your current location. You also have the ability to enable push technology where you can message all your app users about updates or with key information they don’t want to miss. With push technology, you’ll get information to them even if they forget to open your app in a few days.

Fourth, R04R is versatile. Right now you R04R app will work on any iPhone and Android phone.  That’s right, you upload your content once and you can have both apps updated at the same time. A few months later your app will also be available on Blackberry and the Palm. Why shoot yourself in the foot with trying to get an iPhone app when you can have your app on every major platform. Inclusivity is what you want, right?

Retail for an app this powerful can’t even be touched for less than $1,500. With R04R, you can get your first app up and running in a matter of weeks for a decent set up fee of less than $1000 and $35/month. Sure, you can get an app for less. But does it work on more than just the iPhone? Does it include push and location based technology? Does it offer support? Does Ashton Kutcher know it exists? I don’t think so . If you’re really serious about having your own app, this is the best deal you’ll find anywhere for the features you’ll get.. Click here to order your new app.

If interested, type “Kenny Conley” in the referral code blank and you’ll get the best price they offer!

Screen shot 2010-04-01 at 9.32.18 AMWanna see a R04R for yourself? Click here to download the app for Northstar church which is a great example of what you could have. Know that you can get an app that looks a lot like this, similar to this or R04R can custom build an app to suit your needs.

Disclaimer: Although R04R can build you a very impressive app based on their successful platform, that alone isn’t enough to make it a great app. The second part to that equation is content. It’s up to you to supply great content week after week, that part’s up to you.