Ikea… the biggest contradiction in TexasI went to Ikea yesterday. Since my church office flooded last month, a lot of our furniture needed to be replaced. My office is not big enough for the desk, credenza and bookshelf setup if I want to have a place to meet with people as well. So, I decided to follow the Cross Timbers’ way and set up my office like a living room. I figured Ikea was the best place to find furniture that would work with my limited space.

What a cool strore. This was my second time to visit Ikea. They have three here in Texas. One in Frisco (north of Dallas) and one in Round Rock (near Austin) and one in Houston. I noticed something interesting the first time I visited the store, but it really got me laughing this time. The trademark of Ikea is that they sell stylish and inexpensive furniture to maximize space. If you’ve ever been to Europe, you’ll notice that city living means cramped living. It’s very fun to sit in the display environments at Ikea and imagine what it would be like to live in 250 square feet. On our first visit, my wife and I sat in that display and evaluated whether we would have to get rid of Francie (our 65 pound chocolate lab). What cracks me up about Ikea is that Texas is the last place that fits Ikea’s niche. Texas, where everything is bigger and better doesn’t seem like the place for an Ikea… and we have three. Regardless, the store is always packed with hundreds (if not thousands of eager shoppers). No joke, the average square footage of a house around this store is a small 3,000 square feet.

Oh well. I’m sure Ikea “Texas” is going to do just fine. We’ve been there twice and both times I didn’t buy anything, but it was fun to shop.