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I haven’t done any political posting on this blog. However, I felt like I’d add my thoughts after the fact. I’ll admit it, I voted for the Republican ticket. Not that I was in love with what the Republicans had to offer. I guess I’m a little disappointed. The comment I’ve used on many occasions was, “Is this really it? Are these the only two we could come up with?” I feel like I maybe my statements were off though. I think the Democrats had a powerful ticket, and those in support of Obama seem to REALLY love Obama. I just didn’t get that impression with McCain. He’s just the guy who won the nomination. Although it’s easy to get frustrated with politics as it seems to be a very elaborate game, I usually vote on key issues revolving around economics, moral issues and such. That’s why I voted for McCain.

However, Obama is going to be our next president. He seems to have the charisma and confidence we haven’t seen in a long time. He’s young and passionate. Oh, and he want’s to shake things up.

So, I’d have to say I’m hopeful. I know there are a lot of circles that are marking this as a horrible time in our nation’s history where things start to go downhill. Maybe it’s me being an optimist, but I’m not full of dread. Maybe things need to get worse before they get better. All I know is that the Bible does have something to say about leadership. I’m pretty sure God didn’t panic last night when he saw all the blue states light up the map. He’s still in control and I trust him.

So, I’m ready for a new president. I may not like the way it turned out and I may not like the decisions that he makes, but I’m so grateful for the democratic republic and the freedoms it gives me to live, work and worship. So, I am hopeful and look forward to seeing what lies ahead.