The pounds. I’m losing the pounds.

I posted a few months ago about my issue with losing weight. Six months of working in my parents tax office and interviewing for a new job wasn’t good on my body. Actually I think that it was the holidays at my parents that primed the pump. I ate a ton of junk. Bottom line is that I gained 15-20 pounds from the time I left DFW to the time I flew out to Austin for my final interviews. When I was 15-20 pounds lighter, I had been working on losing 15-20 pounds.

So, in August I decided to give up the diet coke and start eating better. I also intended to start working out. Well, I never started working out, but I have continued the better eating. I’m limiting myself to smaller portions and I’m trying to avoid the junk food (including the cokes). The end result? I’m down 13 pounds. Not bad for just changing the way I’m eating. My goal is to lose the remaining 7 pounds by the holidays. I’ll be visiting my family in the mountains of GA for the holidays, so there will be a lot of eating. I’m looking into some good hikes right now so that some good exercise will offset the eating. It seemed to work while we were in Canada.

So, just an update. I’m going to keep on going. Once I hit my “end of the year” goal, I’ll set a new goal for another 20 pounds… probably for the summer. If I get there, I’ll be only a few pounds away from my college weight which was pretty darn good.