Yesterday afternoon I tweeted that I had a big announcement. Unfortunately, I had many issues with Vimeo and it took about 100 times longer to upload a video, so I ended up just posting a picture of Titus wearing his new shirt. In case you haven’t seen the video, here it is.

So, you probably want to know some details?

Well, we are officially ten weeks pregnant. I’ve posted just once or twice on this before, but Sara and I’ve had difficulty having children. Our only son Titus was our fourth pregnancy and Baby #2 is pregnancy #7. We consider Titus our little miracle baby and it appears that God has blessed us with another miracle.

We’re not officially out of the woods yet, so we covet your prayers. We’ll feel tremendously more comfortable once we get into the second trimester, but I know that with Titus, I didn’t feel completely comfortable until I was holding that little guy.

So, the baby is due on December 3rd. I truly believe that the Conley family is out of balance and needs another girl to help Sara ward off stinky and rambunctious men-folk. Also, other than my dad’s one sister, there have been no female born Conley’s… a Conley girl would truly rule the roost. But, we’ll be forever grateful for a boy or girl. Besides, we have a totally awesome name picked out for a boy and if we had a girl, I think Sara and I would be bummed not to have used it. It’s as bold and fitting as Titus.

Now that the pregnancy is out in the open, expect updates on a regular basis.