Okay, I need a little help from some fellow tech geeks. I have a 6 year old Dell laser printer which has been a fantastic little printer. I was using a wireless printer server for about 3 years until it crashed and burned a few months ago. I could never get my mac to print wirelessly, so I always had to email stuff to the PC and print from there. I’ve been setting aside some cash and I think I have enough now to get what I want. So, here is what I’m looking for and I’m hoping that someone can tell me what I could get.

  1. The printer needs to be a simple B & W laser. Color doesn’t matter to me and I don’t want to pay the premium on ink. I’m not interested in those three in one printers… just a simple B & W laser.
  2. It has to be mac compatible. I guess that if it’s a wireless printer, it’s easier for a mac to talk to it, but I just would prefer to have something that’s simple and doesn’t require me to hire an IT guy to set up the printer. So, mac compatibility is essential.
  3. It needs to have the AirPrint option. I have iPhones and iPads galore in my house now and I want to print without having to use a computer.

So, that’s my situation and that’s all I’m asking for. Let me know some options and I’ll be forever grateful!