I feel like I’m opening a can of worms here. Some good discussion has taken place around my last post, but I feel the need to unpack this a little more.

I guess I want to talk more about our intentionality concerning theology. There’s no doubt, we’re teaching theology every week. It’s in our curriculum. However, how often are we just teaching it when it comes up as opposed to having a plan and purpose for teaching good theology.

This has been something I know a lot of Chidlren’s Pastors have discussed, especially if you’ve come from an education background. In school, 4th graders don’t move to the 5th grade until they’ve mastered a set of standards. It’s universal, so when a child moves from Texas to Utah, a 5th grader should know what a 5th grader should know. I know, there are inherent issues with standards, but generally it’s working.

Where is this kind of stuff in the church? We’re not a government funded or regulated entity (thank Jesus), but where is this happening even in our own local churches? What “standards” do you want every 5th grader to know/believe before moving on the Middle School? What “standards” do you want every 5 year old to know before they move into elementary? It will never be perfect, but where is the intentionality?

I’ll be really frank… and I’m pointing a finger to myself as well. Our teenagers are walking away from the faith at an alarming rate. Many of these are the same teenagers that grew up in our Children’s Ministries. Yes, I know there are so many elements that may lead to this such as family, community and influences, but how could laying a foundation of solid doctrine or theology help? Am I just grasping at straws? I just see that this is really important but rarely intentional in execution.