IMG_0187Last summer while on an epic road trip that wouldn’t end, we stopped at a Burger King for dinner. While Titus played in on the indoor playground, I noticed the rules. I must admit that I really liked these rules. Two reason:

  • They’re very specific. They’re so specific they’re funny.
  • I like the layout. They could have easily put these in a simple bullet list on a board, but instead they made rules fun to read.

Rule #1 is easy for our kidmin, we don’t let unhappy adults serve either, do we? We shouldn’t although I’ve met a handful of kidmin volunteers who needed an attitude makeover. My personal favorite though is #6. I might even adopt that one for my kidmin. Shoot, I might just adopt this rule for every part of my life: If you see anything weird, tell the manager immediately. That’s pretty clear, huh?