Nicely PackagedJust a quick post to plug a company that really took care of me this last week. As I wrote in my last post, a large portion of our facility was ruined by flood water, including all of our nursery space. Since the carpet was pulled up (leaving only concrete exposed) we had to put something down for this weekend. I know I had seen these interlocking foam pads at Home Depot for years. I stopped by on Thursday night only to get the strangest looks when explaining what I needed. I tried Wal-Mart too. No luck.

So, I get online and start hunting. Price really wasn’t going to stop me… I needed something. But for about 30 minutes I hunted for a great deal For the most part, I found 2″x2″ sections that came in a 4 pack which sold for about $20 consistantly. It didn’t matter how many I got, the price stayed the same. Then I came across Get Rung. The deal seemed too good to be true. The more I ordered, the cheaper it got, and shipping was included in the price. Not only that, the 2″x2″ pads came in packs of 6, with the edging and started for only a little more than the best deals I could find for the 4 packs.

Several of the other companies were already out as they often took 3-5 days to process orders. We called Get Rung the next morning and they shipped immediately. Now we paid a little more to get 180, 2″x2″ pages (30 packs) delivered overnight, but even in the end, we paid close to the same as I would of with the competitors… and I had it the next day. I’ve already ordered another 15 sets for some other rooms. The quality is great and you won’t get better customer service anywhere else. I actually talked with the owner of the company past 9:00 PM on a Sunday night to place me additional order… he just wanted to make sure that I was taken care of.

They definitley won me over. I don’t know how often I’ll be ordering this flooring (I already ordered enough to floor most of my house), but I’ll definitley recommend them to everyone I know.

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