Capture4-15-2008-6.16.23 PMI came across this site a few months ago, but I didn’t get it. Maybe I just have a very short attention span and didn’t stick around long enough to figure it out. I think Jim Wideman recommended it as they play a lot of Yancy there. I came back again recently and tuned in and listened for a few hours while I did some work.

Duh, I get it now. It’s Christian Internet radio for kids. It’s actually really good. Very well produced and with plenty of good content. I think it’s a program from Cornerstone University Radio. I think it’s about time this was made available. I remember tuning into the local Christian talk radio to hear “Adventures in Oddessy” every morning as I drove to work a few years ago. Far too often good Christian programming for kids was hard to find or spread out throughout the day on different stations. Now with, you have access to this niche programming all day long. How cool!

Although some older elementary aged kids will enjoy the programs and songs, it seems geared more toward preschool and lower elementary (as are a lot of Christian Children’s programs). I’ll be excited when someone develops an Internet radio station for Older Elementary and Pre-Teens, that will be fun!

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