Capture4-15-2008-6.21.43 PMYesterday I posted about, a great Christian Internet radio station for kids. The Internet has significantly changed radio. I used to listen to Air1 all the time when I lived in Indiana, but since moving I’ve really missed it. However, they broadcast through the Internet and over iTunes radio. So, if I’m sitting at my computer, I’ll often get my Air1 fix.

The radio website advertised a device I didn’t know existed yet. It’s a wi-fi Internet radio receiver. Now I’ve had XM Radio before, but this is different. As long as you can connect to a wi-fi signal, you can tune into any of the tens of thousands of Internet radio stations. This one sold through comes with stations as presets. The cool part is that you can tune into other stations (like Air1) as well as access music files from your computer. I know that music is such an important part of a child’s development and this could be a great way for my son to listen to positive music while he’s playing, eating or doing all the things he’s up to (even though he’s still a little young right now). Shoot, even my wife will probably enjoy jamming out to Air1 as well!

Has anyone else used a wi-fi radio receiver. I’m not sure how “locked-down” this one really is with the preset programming. I’d like to have the flexibility to add many other stations as well as stream audio files from my computer. The nice thing about this particular receiver is that it is only $175. The disadvantage is that it only has one mono speaker.

I’m also looking at the SonoWave. It’s under $100, can be batter powered and seems to do all the same stuff. Anyone else have any experience with this stuff. I’m very intrigued…

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