For more than ten years, I have strived to invest in the Children’s Ministry community. It all started with this blog (there was actually a season where I posted 10-12 times a week). However, I’m really excited about this new opportunity to invest in ministry leaders. A few months ago, some ministry friends (Nick Blevins and Kevin Monahan) and I launched Ministry Boost, an organization committed to training and coaching ministry leaders. The line-up of opportunities is pretty amazing, I still can’t believe we’ve been able to put all of this together.

Ministry Conversations

Every month, we’re hosting several ministry conversations (usually based on ministry area tribes). It’s an opportunity for ministry leaders to connect with others in similar churches and roles and solve problems. Ministry Conversations have been super helpful to me over the years.

Ministry Training

Over the last several months, Nick Blevins and I have offered a variety of online ministry courses. However, we’ve assembled a pretty amazing line-up of courses that are going to be amazingly helpful. Courses cover a variety of topics like volunteer recruiting, ministry development, parent strategy and more. Here’s the actual list of training available:

  • The Volunteer Pipeline
  • Volunteer Playbook
  • Ministry Hacks
  • Aligning Your NextGen Team
  • Redefining Preschool Ministry
  • Effective Small Groups
  • Implementing a Coaching Structure
  • A Strategy to Partner with Parents

Ministry Coaching

Lastly, we’ve assembled an amazing line-up of ministry coaching cohorts through YouLead Coaching. This is six months of intentional coaching through ministry strategy and highly relational connections. Your cohort will become a sounding board and a source of inspiration and accountability. Most importantly, this cohort will be a tribe you will stay connected to long after the coaching program is finished. We’re offering YouLead Coaching for the following groups:

  • Children’s Ministry – Erin English with Jim Wideman
  • Children’s Ministry – Nick Blevins with Lisa Molite
  • NextGen Pastors – Kenny Conley
  • NextGen Pastors – Kevin Monahan
  • Student Ministry – Will Hutcherson with Tom Shefchunas
  • Multisite Ministry – Kevin Monahan and John Huber
  • Women Who Lead – Cindy Fiala

So many amazing opportunities to learn and grow this fall. Here is the breakdown of how it all works.

Ministry Conversations happen every month. We’ll schedule one tribe conversation per month, but we’ll throw in a handful of additional topical conversations that anyone can join. Signing up for any course will give you access to our Ministry Conversations.

Ministry Training consists of eight different courses. Courses are broken down into three types of courses. On Demand courses are available to watch and learn whenever you have time. There is no schedule to follow, it’s on demand. Live Video Courses host a live video webinar every week for the duration of the course. Participants are able to ask questions and chat with the instructor, but it’s less interactive. Assignments and content will drive the participants over the duration of the course. Group Courses are the most robust of all. Participants are arranged into groups of no more than 20. Content will be shared with all participants on a weekly basis, but it will be discussed in the context of our groups. Group courses are highly interactive. Signing up for a course gives you access to Ministry Conversations, Three Boost Videos and access to several free courses from

Ministry Coaching is the most thorough of all we are offering. It’s a six-month journey of growth and collaboration. It is the most expensive, but it offers the most opportunities. Signing up for a six-month YouLead coaching group comes with a free course (free on demand, free live video or $200 off a group course), access to the Three Boost Video archives, the free courses from and access to Ministry Conversations.

Hopefully, that helps you understand what is available to you and your team. I’d encourage you to consider making an investment in yourself this Fall or even consider investing in someone on your team. Let me know if you have any questions. Remember, registration is open through Thursday!