I wrote just a few weeks ago why I didn’t want an iPhone… yet. Well, those guys are Apple are building the ultimate device. It’s apparent that the iPhone has changed everything, it’s innovation is forcing the competition to step up. However, what Apple has in the works could very well be a deadly blow to the competition.

Last month Apple announced the release of their SDK to outside developers. In the process, they gave a sneak peak at some of the things in the works. If you haven’t seen it, you’ll hardly believe it. They’re tapping into the accelerometer within the device to build incredible, motion sensitive games and applications (using the same strategy that made the Wii so popular).

In addition they’ve fully integrated the iPhone with Exchange, which is probably the main reason why I wouldn’t have gotten an iPhone. I’ve always needed a smart phone that connected seamlessly with the Exchange server, so my emails, contacts, calendar and global address list is always synced with Outlook on my computer. Now that the iPhone will do this, it’s becoming a much more desired device.

In addition, the rumor is that the iPhone will be even thinner, sport a OLED display (helps with power consumption) and be a 3G phone. Oh, and the word on the street is that perhaps the price may in fact stay the same. $399 for a 8GB (if they don’t drop this size all together), $499 for the 16GB and maybe $599 for a 32GB.

Ladies and gentlemen, if this is all true… Apple may have in fact just sold me an iPhone.

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