A few months ago I published this post about your “point of view.” I’m an extreme optimist. It challenges me to shoot for the stars. Then my drive kicks in and I work my tail off to achieve my goals. But recently I saw this and just cracked up. Honestly, I think Ebay is a little overoptimistic here.


I’ve been using Ebay since April of 2000. For several years I was pretty active, buying stuff and selling stuff. For an Ebay hobbyist, I am quite proud of my 182 feedback rank. That makes me a blue start. But what cracks me up was this little banner on my account the other day. Ebay wanted to let me know that I was only 318 feedback points away from a purple star. ONLY 318! I’m not even half way there yet… and since I’ve been an active member since 2000, I should hit purple star status sometime around 2020.

I really want to admire their optimism, but I this this is a little ridiculous.