My confession: Every now and again I Google my name. Don’t you?

I did a web search several years ago and I’d come up reviews that I had done for various resources. Then about 4 or 5 years ago there was a Kenny Conley in Boston who went to trial for police brutality. It caused quite the uproar in the city as people were sporting “Justice for Kenny Conley” bumper stickers. Actually, my admin from a previous church got one for me. Since I began working for churches with a bigger web presence, I started to show up on those pages in a general name search. Now that I’m blogging, my name is much more likely to come up in a web search. However, I just came across my favorite link, the reason why I wrote this vanity post at all. It shows the “brokenness” of the web in it’s purest form.

Click here to see the page!

A few years ago I spoke at the adult service. The talk was titled “How do we guide our children spiritually. It was made available as a podcast with links to the church web site. The mp3 is no longer there, but this page shows the links. Obviously, mp3’s are indexed and spidered just as all other things on the Internet. This page in particular has me grouped with my peers; Kenny G, Kenny Rogers and Kenny Loggins. This site is also “THE PLACE” to get Kenny Conley – How Do We Guide Our Children Spiritually for your phone. My absolute favorite though – Click here for sexy videos of Kenny Conley – How Do We Guide Our Children Spiritually. Yes, you have arrived to internet stardom when you have a free sexy video online.

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