Capture5-12-2008-9.13.14 PMI’m not exactly sure that “leaky” is a real word. But I think it’s a question we all have to ask ourselves. Actually, there are many questions that have to be established before asking this one.

1. Do I even have a vision?

We can’t afford to get so busy with doing ministry that we don’t have a vision. Trust me, I’ve operated in ministry for years without one… it’s completely possible. Give me a day and I can program that sucker to death. However, without a map, we’re just staying busy. Good things will happen and lives will be changed, but only at a glimpse of what could be.

2. Does my vision align with my church’s vision?

Hopefully the church has one. If not, hijack the next staff meeting and lock the doors until one can be established. But now I need to make sure my vision aligns with the church mission. I’ve found that most of the time I’ve had to derive the children’s vision from the church’s simply because the church’s vision statement “as is” didn’t completely jive with kids. However, I can create one that supports and points toward the church’s vision.

3. Do I eat, breath speak and sleep this vision (does that even make any sense)?

Did I write a vision, mission and values to simply fill up page two on the volunteer manual? Can I recite it? Have I thought about it today? Have I verbalized it this week? Have I compared the ministry I am doing to the vision I’ve set for our ministry?

4. Does my staff know the vision?

Are they thinking about it? Are they comparing their ministry to it? Can they recite it?

5. Do my volunteers know the vision?

Are they filling a hole on the schedule or are they living out the vision of this ministry? Do they understand how they are accomplishing the vision through their tasks, through their smiles and through their sacrifice?

So, is my vision leaky? How leaky is my vision? I think it depends on what the answers are to the questions above. If the answer is yes to all the questions above, then I’d say I’m pretty leaky.

Good stuff I’m being reminded of even right now. As I walk into this new are of ministry in my life, I have to be sure I leak… big time!