IMAG0146Today I ate lunch at a new restaurant and this on their menu made me really happy. Two months ago I was in the elevator at the Dr. Pepper museum in Waco and they had a sign saying they were on twitter. I just love it when I see little businesses like these showing up on twitter. If it’s a company or organization I like, I want to get updates from them.

I’m just curious. Is your church on twitter? How about your ministry?

I love it when I see ministries jumping on twitter. Is it making a significant difference? Probably not. Is it niche marketing hitting a specific market? Yup. It’s too easy not to do.

I did snatch a twitter account for our children’s ministry several months ago although we don’t really use it… yet. Last month we brought in a new staff member who will launch our web campus. He quickly snatched up a twitter account for Gateway.

You may not be an early adopter, but it isn’t too late to get on twitter!