I just had to share this one. I’ve requested the media team to rip this portion of the video so I can put it on this site… it’s just too funny.

I have hold children’s baptism services three times a year we’re we’ll baptized 20-40 kids each day. Outside of that, I usually get the honor of baptizing 2-4 kids a month. This last Sunday I was scheduled to baptize two girls and their mom. I met with them about 3 weeks earlier and had so much fun. This 6 and 8 year old loved Jesus so, so much. I don’t know if a person could love him more than they did. Mom and Dad were really doing a great job.

This Sunday I introduced them to the congregation, we all prayed and then started the baptism. As I was baptizing the first girl, something happened. Just as she went underwater, two large beatles swam right over her head! Okay, our facility is only about 4 years old, but I think we built it on an ancient cricket and beattle burial ground because we are definitely haunted by millions of crickets and beatles. It’s usually just during the fall  and spring, but they can be everywhere. I guess I just wasn’t expecting this.

After I pulled the first girl out, I tried to remove the beattles without making a scene. I reached in three times and was successful in getting one of the suckers. By then I needed to turn my focus on the other girl making her way in. (While doing this a girl on my staff reached in and got the other one… Go Jenn!) The rest of the baptisms went great. Later I was telling someone about it and she informed me that she saw on the screen. The bugs were very visible and my effort to remove them was a little obvious. I really can’t wait to see the footage!