23605_367161217350_833242350_3699005_1167306_nLast week I got this email from Jim Wideman. I thought I’d pass it along to you. Yesterday I shared how everyone needs a coach. Jim’s my coach and he could be your coach as well.

On Friday, April 2nd JWM is going to put on a sale like you have never seen before. I know that budgets have been cut and many of you have been hurt by the economic crisis in our country so I want to help. Back last year I cut the price of theClub in half for people over 30 and started giving it away free for those under 30.

For 1 day I’m going to cut the price of most of my resources including my 1 day Coaching/Seminars called “Day Trips”. I’m also going to give away a free 6 months of infuse to someone who registers for a “Day Trip” on Good Friday! There are 4 different topics so if you register for all 4 you’ll have 4 chances to win a free 6 months of infuse. It’s the desire of my heart to make a difference in the next generation of Children’s Ministry leaders. I hope you will take advantage of these savings on opportunities to grow as I attempt to make Good Friday a really good Friday for Children’s Pastors everywhere!

Thanks for all that you do for kids!

So, head on over to Jim Wideman’s site and at the very least, sign up for a Day Trip. If you can, check out a semester of Infuse.