Last week, Ryan Frank sent me an email asking if I would write about a big thing that was happening today. He let in on the big secret and I must say that I was pretty excited about it. So, if you haven’t heard already, K Magazine is going digital. Over the years they have played around with a digital version of their magazine, but now they’re offering a free digital version that comes with your paid subscription. That’s a big deal!

Okay, time to get brutally honest. I haven’t subscribed to any magazines specific to ministry in years.

Wait, I can explain. It’s not that I’m against getting magazines or that I felt that magazines didn’t have something worth saying… or something I needed to read. Honestly, I let the subscriptions lapse because I had a backlog stack of magazines sitting in a corner of my office that I hadn’t read yet. Eventually I asked myself, why would I keep paying for a magazine that I wasn’t reading.

At this time, I only have one magazine subscription, and that’s to Wired magazine. I think I enjoy it some much because it feels like more of a hobby… a break from what I do all day/every day. However, at times I’ll have a backlog of those magazines as well.

Why the backlog?

I think I can truthfully say that it’s because magazines are analog media in a digital world. I honestly can’t tell you how many years it has been since I’ve opened a physical Bible. I’ve got it on my phone, why do I need to carry around a big heavy book? Since I’ve added the Kindle app to my iPad, I’ve been devouring books like never before. I do my best reading on the treadmill. The same is true with magazines. I’m planning to pick up my K magazine subscription again, because having access to it on my iPhone or iPad means that I’ll be more likely to read it.

So, good job to the smart people at K Magazine!

Oh, and to celebrate… I’ve got 5 free subscription to give away. The first five people to comment on this post will get a subscription. How great is that. Just do me a favor, if you’re on twitter, tweet a link back to this post after you leave your comment. Don’t forget the #Kidmin.

Oh, and more importantly. You can subscribe right here.